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Dance Classes we provide

Primarily ISTD – Tap & Modern, RAD, LAMDA, Singing, Acrobatics and Stage Classes. Continue reading for more details.

ISTD Classes
Tap & Modern

Pupils who show particular aptitude for Modern and Tap are trained for the ISTD Examinations in Modern and Tap from Grade 3 up to Advanced 2. We enter approximately 150 Pupils for the ISTD Grade and Vocational (professional) Examinations every year with a 100% success rate.

RAD classes

Pupils who show excellent potential for Classical Ballet are given a scholarship towards training for Royal Academy of Dance examinations.

We have maintained a 100% success rate in all RAD Grade Examinations for over 50 years. We enter approximately 180 candidates every year and also have many successes in Vocational (professional) Examinations.

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

Students study for both Poetry and Prose or Acting examinations. They are also encouraged to take part in stage performances in solo’s, duo’s and groups, building confidence away from the classroom with the benefit of a live audience reaction.

Singing classes

All Singing students are trained in voice technique. We encourage all students to take singing classes, everyone has a voice and we want them to find it! It is an integral part of the timetable for anyone interested in a stage career. The more skills students acquire the more chance of success!

Acrobatic/Body Conditioning/Limbering

Limbering, Body Conditioning and Acrobatics are taken by all students. A supple body is an important dancer’s tool which needs to be maintained. Those who have natural ability are encouraged to take Acrobatics which are graded from 1 to 10.

Stage classes

Medal Tests & Summer Shows

All pupils have the opportunity to perform dances in a Theatre every six months. Also we enter many pupils for National Competitions, in which we achieve outstanding successes every year.

We encourage performances on stage, as we believe that this is a very important aspect of learning to dance.

We have our own costume service, which provides for every style of dance, complete matching headdresses and shoes.